Obsession:male same-sex relations in China, 1900-1950


作者:Wenqing Kang


出版社:Hong Kong University Press

ISBN:978-962-209-980-7 ; 962-209-980-7 ; 978-962-209-981-4 ; 962-209-981-5

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This is the most serious study to date on the topic of male same-sex relations in China during the early twentieth century, illuminating male same-sex relations in many sites: language, translated sexological writings, literary works, tabloid newspapers, and opera. Documenting how nationalism and colonial modernity reconfigured Chinese discourses on sex between men in the early twentieth century, Wenqing Kang has amassed a wealth of material previously overlooked by scholars, such as the entertainment news and opinion pieces related to same-sex relations published in the tabloid press. He sheds new light on several puzzles, such as the process whereby sex between men became increasingly stigmatized in China between the 1910s and 1940s, and shows that the rich vocabulary and concepts that existed for male-male relations in premodern China continued to be used by journalists and writers throughout the Republican era, creating the conditions for receiving Western sexology.

Wenqing Kang is assistant professor of History at Cleveland State University.

  • Acknowledgements(第11頁)
  • Introduction(第13頁)
  • 1. The Language of Male Same-Sex Relations in China(第31頁)
  • 2. Sexology(第53頁)
  • 3. Literary Intimacies(第73頁)
  • 4. Tabloid Sex and Cultural Conservatives(第97頁)
  • 5. Actors and Patrons(第127頁)
  • Conclusion(第157頁)
  • Notes(第161頁)
  • Bibliography(第187頁)
  • Index(第197頁)