The Canton trade:life and enterprise on the China coast, 1700-1845


作者:Paul A. Van Dyke


出版社:Hong Kong University Press

ISBN:978-962-209-749-0 ; 962-209-749-9 ; 978-962-209-828-2 ; 962-209-828-2

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This study utilizes a wide range of new source materials to reconstruct the day-to-day operations of the port of Canton during the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth centuries. Using a bottom-up approach, it provides a fresh look at the successes and failures of the trade by focusing on the practices and procedures rather than on the official policies and protocols. The narrative, however, reads like a story as the author unravels the daily lives of all the players from sampan operators, pilots, compradors and linguists, to country traders, supercargoes, Hong merchants and customs officials. New areas to studies of this kind are covered as well, such as Armenians, junk traders and rice traders, all of whom played intricate roles in moving the commerce forward. The Canton Trade shows that contrary to popular belief, the trade was stable, predictable and secure, with many incentives built into the policies to encourage it to grow. The huge expansion of trade was, in fact, one of the factors that contributed to its collapse as the increase in revenues blinded government officials to the long-term deterioration of the lower administrative echelons. In the end, the system was toppled, but that happened mainly because it had already defeated itself. General readers and academicians interested in world and Asian history, trading companies, country trade, Hong merchants, and articles of trade will find much new and relevant information here.

Paul A. Van Dyke is professor of history at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. He has spent many years researching various aspects of life, trade, and societies in the Pearl River Delta and Maritime Asia.

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  • INTRODUCTION China Opens Its Doors to the World(第21頁)
  • CHAPTER ONE Forging the Canton System(第25頁)
  • CHAPTER TWO Canton Customs Procedures(第39頁)
  • CHAPTER THREE Piloting the Pearl River(第55頁)
  • CHAPTER FOUR Compradors and The Provisions Trade(第71頁)
  • CHAPTER FIVE Linguists(第97頁)
  • CHAPTER SIX Administrative Initiatives and Shortcomings(第147頁)
  • CHAPTER SEVEN Flag Boats, Silver, Contraband and Rice(第169頁)
  • CHAPTER EIGHT Macao Trade, Junk Trade, Capital Market and Commission Merchants(第195頁)
  • CHAPTER NINE The Canton Trade in Retrospect(第213頁)
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