Royal dog of Thailand


作者:by Jeanette Barnes


出版社:Strategic Book Group

ISBN:978-1-61897-539-3 ; 1-61897-539-0

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Synopsis This book alone will cover everything a Thai Ridgeback Dog owner will need to know from the moment they locate and pick up their puppy, to every day life in the family, till death do us part. This fully illustrated book will help the individual owner with the good, the bad and the ugly of owning a Spitz Primitive Pariah-type dog, a dog that is as close to a wild dog as you can get in a domesticated animal. This book delves deeply into the dog's origins, nutrition, health, personality traits, integration, and troubleshooting. This book also contains Internet-based sites that will help individuals obtain products, health tips, and interaction with other Thai Ridgeback Dog owners and breeders. This book will become the go to book for all TRD owner needs.

About the Author:

Jeanette Barnes was born in Minnesota in 1973. She obtained two bachelors and a master's degree in Microbiology/Chemistry, Visual Communications and Environmental Science respectively. Jeanette Barnes has dedicated much of her life to raising, breeding, rescuing and rehoming the Thai Ridgeback Dog.

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  • Table of Contents(第4頁)
  • Introducing the Royal Dog of Thailand.(第5頁)
  • Who is the Thai Ridgeback Dog?(第6頁)
  • Is the Thai Ridgeback Dog the right dog for me?(第7頁)
  • Now that I know I want one, what should I be looking for?(第8頁)
  • Does the TRD have any physical or genetic health problems?(第9頁)
  • What other type of dog diseases or problems do I need to look out for?(第10頁)
  • What should I feed my dog, doggy nutrition?(第11頁)
  • Now that I know a TRD is perfect for me, how do I find a good breeder?(第12頁)
  • Now that I have found my puppy, how do I get him or her to me?(第13頁)
  • My puppy is here, hooray, now what do I do?(第14頁)
  • Some commonly asked questions about the TRD.(第15頁)
  • What is a problem child and how do I work with them?(第16頁)
  • Dog friendly web sites.(第17頁)
  • References(第18頁)