Yishu典藏國際版 [第90期]:The displacement of language into the realm of visual art


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The Displacement of Language into the Realm of Visual Art
Artist Features: Chen Hangfeng, Xing Danwen
Conversations: Morgan Wong, Cai Dongdong, Wu Jian’an, Liu Ding

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  • Editor’s Note(第4頁)
  • Contributors(第6頁)
  • The Displacement of Language into the Realm of Visual Art(第8頁)
  • The Annals of Chen Hangfeng: Exploring History, Economic Change, and Cultural Confluence through the Language of Video(第26頁)
  • Being Out of Time: A Conversation with Morgan Wong(第48頁)
  • A Conversation with Cai Dongdong(第58頁)
  • A Conversation with Wu Jian’an(第64頁)
  • A Vivid and Sophisticated Portrayal of an Artist’s Life: A Conversation with Liu Ding on the Curatorial Language of New Works by Pang Tao(第86頁)
  • Dissociative Sociability and the Mirror Effect: On Xing Danwen’s Socio-Optics(第96頁)
  • Chinese Name Index(第105頁)