The Crazy Theories of Evolution


作者:Silvio Famularo[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

ISBN:978-1-61204-742-3 ; 1-61204-742-4

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This highly amusing book analyses and comprehensively demolishes the many theories of evolution stage by stage. The author invites readers to draw their own conclusions after considering the evidence for and against. He believes that most people have never really given much serious thought to the vital question of whether we descended from Adam and Eve or whether we evolved from lower forms of life. He contends that most people who believe that we evolved from (non-existent) ape-men do so simply because that is what they have been taught to believe. Readers are reminded that the theories are nothing more than that - theories. It is made clear that every single stage of supposed evolution is an imagined one where the suggested supportive evidence has not been substantiated. Did you know that since the first two people came into existence; the world’s population has doubled only just over thirty-one-and-a-half times?

Silvio Famularo is a New Zealander of Italian decent. He has had a varied career as an opera singer, comedian, actor and public speaker as well as having owned and managed several businesses. Now in his later years he is mainly devoting his time to writing books with the aim of sharing the good and valuable information he has learned in life with others. His philosophy is that it is not what you accumulate in life that matters, but what you contribute.

  • Introduction(第7頁)
  • The Fishy Theory(第12頁)
  • Darwinism(第14頁)
  • Why We Should Be Mute About Mutations(第16頁)
  • Adaptations(第18頁)
  • The Ape Men(第20頁)
  • Where Have All the People Gone?(第22頁)
  • Noah’s Flood(第24頁)
  • Flood Legends(第29頁)
  • Noah’s Ark(第31頁)
  • “Fossiling” for Evidence(第33頁)
  • Carbon Dating(第37頁)
  • Thermodynamics(第39頁)
  • The ‘Horse Tree’ of Evolution(第41頁)
  • Vestigial Organs(第43頁)
  • Embryology(第44頁)
  • The Mental Link(第46頁)
  • Theistic Evolution(第47頁)
  • Conclusion(第49頁)