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Reading Highlights(2)特色:


  • Unit 1 What’s Hot and What’s Not The Brilliance of Smartphones(第11頁)
  • Unit 2 Smart for Art Sufism! Purely About Love(第14頁)
  • Unit 3 Staying Fit and Healthy Understanding Eating Habits(第17頁)
  • Unit 4 Circle of Life To the Brink and Back(第20頁)
  • Unit 5 Going Beyond Borders The Eternal Terracotta Warriors(第23頁)
  • Unit 6 Why Did They Do That? Why We Buy Things(第26頁)
  • Unit 7 Who’s Who The Wedding of the Century(第29頁)
  • Unit 8 What’s Hot and What’s Not K-Pop: Taking Asia by Storm(第32頁)
  • Unit 9 Going Beyond Borders The Must-See Shinto Shrines of Japan(第35頁)
  • Unit 10 What’s Hot and What’s Not  Tablet Mania Takes over the World(第38頁)
  • Unit 11 Smart for Art Art at Your Feet(第41頁)
  • Unit 12 Tools of Communication Lessons in Linguistics(第44頁)
  • Unit 13 Going Beyond Borders Dancing with the Stars(第47頁)
  • Unit 14 Pack Your Bag Travel Smart with Lonely Planet(第50頁)
  • Unit 15 Pack Your Bag Iguazu Falls: Soaking Visitors with Awe(第53頁)
  • Unit 16 Who’s Who The Real-Life Spiderman(第56頁)
  • Unit 17 What’s Hot and What’s Not Adding Another Dimension to Movies(第59頁)
  • Unit 18 Why Did They Do That? Why People Flirt(第62頁)
  • Unit 19 Who’s Who The Many Skills of Benjamin Franklin(第65頁)
  • Unit 20 Bon Appetit The Wonderful World of Watermelons(第68頁)
  • Unit 21 Tools of Communication Cursing Foul Language(第71頁)
  • Unit 22 Why Did They Do That? Competing from Your Birth to the Grave(第74頁)
  • Unit 23 Why Did They Do That? Rules of Attraction(第77頁)
  • Unit 24 It’s Never Too Late to Learn  Fun with Photography(第80頁)
  • Unit 25 Who’s Who Using Small Change to Change the World(第83頁)
  • Unit 26 Circle of Life Europe Isn’t What It Used to Be(第86頁)
  • Unit 27 Bon Appetit Crazy for Cocoa(第89頁)
  • Unit 28 Game On The Beauty and Balance of Gymnastics(第92頁)
  • Unit 29 Bon Appetit Nature’s Anti-Aging Remedy(第95頁)
  • Unit 30 Why Did They Do That? The Surprising Secret of Successful Students(第98頁)
  • Unit 31 What’s Hot and What’s Not Getting in Shape with Wii Fit Plus(第101頁)
  • Unit 32 Who’s Who Celebrating the Simple Life with Thoreau(第104頁)
  • Unit 33 Why Did They Do That? Fighting Past Failure to Achieve Success P(第107頁)
  • Unit 34 Tools of Communication  Express Yourself with Emoticons(第110頁)
  • Unit 35 Why Did They Do That? Crazy for Celebrities(第113頁)
  • Unit 36 What’s Hot and What’s Not Creativity in Crowds(第116頁)
  • Unit 37 Pack Your Bag Fun in the San Diego Sun(第119頁)
  • Unit 38 Surfing the Net Social Network Safety(第122頁)
  • Unit 39 Staying Fit and Healthy LOHAS: Healthy Natural Living(第125頁)
  • Unit 40 Going Beyond Borders Toilet Tales(第128頁)
  • Unit 41 Smart for Art Ugly Is In(第131頁)
  • Unit 42 The Magic of Discovery Making Sense of Math(第134頁)
  • Unit 43 Game On Three Cheers for Cheerleading(第137頁)
  • Unit 44 Improving the World Conquering Heights with Elevators(第140頁)
  • Unit 45 Why Did They Do That? What Drives Our Driving Habits(第143頁)
  • Unit 46 Circle of Life The World’s Most Bizarre Creature(第146頁)
  • Unit 47 Circle of Life Too Much Stuff(第149頁)
  • Unit 48 Pack Your Bag Sardinia: Italy’s Island Paradise(第152頁)
  • Unit 49 What’s Hot and What’s Not Traveling in Your Own Backyard(第155頁)
  • Unit 50 It’s Never Too Late to Learn Volunteer and Change the World(第158頁)
  • Unit 51 Pack Your Bag Putrajaya’s Modern Nature(第161頁)
  • Unit 52 Why Did They Do That? The Crying Game(第164頁)
  • Unit 53 Tools of Communication A Language Unspoken(第167頁)
  • Unit 54 Going Beyond Borders A Blooming Good Time(第170頁)
  • Unit 55 Going Beyond Borders Tea the Taiwanese Way(第173頁)
  • Unit 56 Bringing the Past to Life The Story of Soda(第176頁)
  • Unit 57 Going Beyond Borders Haunting Halloween Monsters(第179頁)
  • Unit 58 The Magic of Discovery Saving the World with Engineering(第182頁)
  • Unit 59 What’s Hot and What’s Not Cloud Computing: The Sky Is the Limit(第185頁)
  • Unit 60 Going Beyond Borders The Magic of Onsens(第188頁)
  • Unit 61 What’s Hot and What’s Not Charging Up the Electric Car(第191頁)
  • Unit 62 Driving Force Behind the World Dubai: A Falling Star(第194頁)
  • Unit 63 Staying Fit and Healthy The Truth Behind Skin Tone(第197頁)
  • Unit 64 Bringing the Past to Life The Mysteries of King Tut(第200頁)
  • Unit 65 Staying Fit and Healthy Your Body’s Killing Machines(第203頁)
  • Unit 66 Circle of Life The Art of Disappearing(第206頁)
  • Unit 67 Staying Fit and Healthy Hiccupping and Evolving(第209頁)
  • Unit 68 Going Beyond Borders Fighting for Fun(第212頁)
  • Unit 69 Circle of Life Who’s the Boss?(第215頁)
  • Unit 70 Circle of Life South Africa’s Natural Wonder(第218頁)
  • Unit 71 Game On The Great Game of Golf(第221頁)
  • Unit 72 Circle of Life Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants(第224頁)