作者:Pauline Hatton[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

ISBN:978-1-62857-044-1 ; 1-62857-044-X

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What makes people tick? Reality: A Collection of Thought Provoking Poetry is written to cover a wide range of diverse subjects that readers will relate to and enjoy. Teenagers can also become aware in advance of things that could cross their path as they age.

It is a small book that parents can safely share with their children.

Says author Pauline Hatton, 'I have felt for a long time there is a lot to be said about life and its characters and the unknown things that people are affected by. This brings out the hidden side of people.'

Bearing an Australian flavor and English heritage, the poems in Reality: A Collection of Thought Provoking Poetry will be just your cup of tea.


About the Author:

Pauline Hatton was Born in Slough, England, and joined the Military Police (Provost) at age seventeen. She trained as a psychiatric nurse in England and then moved to Adelaide, Australia. She has also trained in general nursing. This is her first book. Her next will feature more poetry and some short stories.

  • Cover Page(第1頁)
  • Title Page(第2頁)
  • Copyright(第3頁)
  • Dedication(第4頁)
  • Table of Contents(第5頁)
  • Introduction(第6頁)
  • Quacker-Quack(第7頁)
  • Rise Above Them All(第8頁)
  • Cocky Forman(第9頁)
  • Married(第10頁)
  • Innocent(第11頁)
  • Tempted But “No”(第12頁)
  • They’re Young and Know It All(第13頁)
  • Broken Bridges(第14頁)
  • Swindled(第15頁)
  • Micro Sleep(第16頁)
  • Two Thousand and Twelve(第17頁)
  • The Lawn Mower(第18頁)
  • Charmed life(第19頁)
  • Be Kind(第20頁)
  • Blowing in the Wind(第21頁)
  • Australia(第22頁)
  • Integrity Lost(第23頁)
  • Hard Times(第24頁)
  • Spate(第25頁)
  • Be Sweet, Be Smart(第26頁)
  • Leaking Heart(第27頁)
  • Afraid of the Dark(第28頁)
  • Our Friend(第29頁)
  • Poor Thing(第30頁)
  • Timeframe(第31頁)
  • Moving On(第32頁)
  • Male Dynamics(第33頁)
  • Too Much(第34頁)
  • Mischief(第35頁)
  • Insight(第36頁)
  • My love(第37頁)
  • Phishing(第38頁)
  • Permission Is Now Sought(第39頁)