Musings of a vegetarian traveller


作者:by Maureen Stone


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.


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Musings of a Vegetarian Traveller is the opening story in this collection of tales, told by a woman whose appetite for life and travel took her on innumerable journeys. One of the most notable-her journey from meat eater to vegetarian-provides a deeply personal and sometimes very funny look into the worlds she encountered. But as Maureen says, 'The story of my transformation from a meat-eating to vegetarian traveller is not about food, but rather, it is about the interesting, diverting, amusing.

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  • Title Page(第2頁)
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  • Contents(第4頁)
  • Dedication(第5頁)
  • Chapter One: Musings of a Vegetarian Traveller(第6頁)
  • Chapter Two: A Rainbow Nation?(第7頁)
  • Chapter Three: India—My India!(第8頁)
  • Chapter Four: Mosquito Roulette(第9頁)
  • Chapter Five: My Missing African Heart?(第10頁)
  • Chapter Six: Racial Profiling and All That(第11頁)
  • Chapter Seven: Kalahari Christmas(第12頁)
  • Chapter Eight: Black Woman World Traveller!(第13頁)
  • Chapter Nine: Musings and Reflections on Old Age(第14頁)