Mother's Tongue:A Story of Forgiving and Forgetting


作者:by Susanna Ho


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

ISBN:978-1-62857-842-3 ; 1-62857-842-4

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A woman has brain surgery that lasts for fourteen hours, far longer than her surgeon expects. She survives the operation, but the first sentence she speaks after she gains consciousness is spoken in a dialect that nobody in the family understands.
Like everyone in Hong Kong, the woman’s family speaks Cantonese. Some older members also use Hakka, a dialect of the Guangdong Province. So when the woman starts talking in Chiu Chow, her family is worried.
Is it possible for someone to lose the ability to speak a language she’s been using for fifty years after undergoing brain surgery? The woman’s daughter is not convinced this is simply a side effect of surgery, and decides to investigate the cause behind the mystery.
Through her detective work, she discovers a chapter of her mother’s life that has been hidden from her family. She learns from her mother’s older brother that his sister spent her early childhood and adolescence in Chiu Chow, away from her family to escape war and starvation. The story’s theme is about making life choices.
What happened in this woman’s past that is now blocking her language ability? Her daughter intends to find out the buried secrets in the fascinating novel Mother’s Tongue: A Story of Forgiving and Forgetting.

Susanna Ho teaches full-time at a university in Hong Kong. This is her first novel.
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  • Cover Page(第1頁)
  • Title Page(第2頁)
  • Copyright(第3頁)
  • Author’s Note(第4頁)
  • Dedication(第5頁)
  • Table of Contents(第6頁)
  • Chapter One: The Operation(第7頁)
  • Chapter Two: Mother’s First Sentence(第8頁)
  • Chapter Three: Consultation with the Doctor(第9頁)
  • Chapter Four: Exercising Her Tongue(第10頁)
  • Chapter Five: Getting Ready to Leave the Hospital(第11頁)
  • Chapter Six: Important Discoveries(第12頁)
  • Chapter Seven: Advice from the Doctor(第13頁)
  • Chapter Eight: Learning the Chiu Chow Dialect(第14頁)
  • Chapter Nine: An Old Photo(第15頁)
  • Chapter Ten: Tracing the Family Tree(第16頁)
  • Chapter Eleven: An Old Place Revisited(第17頁)
  • Chapter Twelve: Uncle Snake(第18頁)
  • Chapter Thirteen: A Place of Memories(第19頁)
  • Chapter Fourteen: Confusion(第20頁)
  • Chapter Fifteen: Signs of Hope(第21頁)
  • Chapter Sixteen: Lack of Intimacy(第22頁)
  • Chapter Seventeen: A New Mum(第23頁)
  • Chapter Eighteen: Second Operation(第24頁)
  • Chapter Nineteen: Diary(第25頁)