Jesus, the sybil wonder child


作者:by Dennis J. Foley



ISBN:978-1-4763-9290-5 ; 1-4763-9290-0

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Volume 1 titled “The True Genesis History” starts with the first recorded kingdom of De Dan in Egypt circa post 3130 B.C., and proceeds through the first Seven Dynasties of Egypt.

  • Cover(第1頁)
  • Title Page(第2頁)
  • Publisher Information(第3頁)
  • Table of Contents(第4頁)
  • Chapter 2. The Return of the ‘Danous’.(第6頁)
  • Chapter 3. The Millennium of the ‘Danovous’, King David.(第7頁)
  • Chapter 4. The Shield of David and the Millennium Comet(第8頁)
  • Chapter 5. The Fall of the Dananites and Their Revenge.(第9頁)
  • Chapter 6. The Olympic Calendars in Rome and Greece!(第10頁)
  • Chapter 7. The Sybil’s World Age Calendar.(第11頁)
  • Chapter 8. The Sybil’s Century Calendar.(第12頁)
  • chapter 9. 66th and 88th years, a history of the ‘twins’.(第13頁)
  • Chapter 10. Calendars Predicting a Wonder Child of Peace.(第14頁)
  • Chapter 11. The ‘Romulus Y Glas Y Glorium’ Calendars.(第15頁)
  • Chapter 12. The Various Animals in the Christ Story.(第16頁)
  • Chapter 13. The True Jesus, His Family, Life, and Roles.(第17頁)
  • Chapter 14. The Roman’s Soter Square(第18頁)
  • Chapter 15. Christ, the Light and the Truth.(第19頁)
  • Chapter 16. The 8th Dynasty’s ‘August Man’ Calendar.(第20頁)
  • Chapter 17. The 6th Age of the ‘August Man’ Calendar, to 2013.(第21頁)
  • Chapter 18. The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamos.(第22頁)
  • Chapter 19. The Edict of Nantes Century ‘Pattern’.(第23頁)
  • Chapter 20. The Six ‘Horse Men’ of the ‘End Times’…(第24頁)
  • The Bibliography.(第25頁)