To trust and to love


作者:by Michael Mayne


出版社:Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd Andrews UK Ltd

ISBN:978-0-232-52848-0 ; 0-232-52848-9

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This is a great introduction to a collection of Michael Mayne s previously unpublished pieces, sermons and addresses. The extraordinary quality of work contained in Mayne s previous five books is also reflected in this unpublished material. Selecting representative sermons and addresses which come together to form a cohesive narrative, the leading scholar of Michael Mayne s work, Joel Huffstetler has produced a wonderful book.To Trust and to Love will be widely appreciated by all of Mayne s dedicated readers, and enchant many others. He makes the Christian understanding of life intelligible and attractive for people inside and far outside the churches. He teaches us to notice, to wonder, to be astonished. We learn to trust, and to love.

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