Interviews with Eric Rohmer


作者:by Bert Cardullo


出版社:Chaplin Books

ISBN:978-0-9565595-7-9 ; 0-9565595-7-3

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In a career that spanned six decades, Eric Rohmer (1920-2010) earned himself a reputation as one of France’s most incisive, eloquent and free-spirited film directors. One of the leading lights of the French New Wave, and before that an outspoken critic for Cahiers du cinéma, Rohmer was an auteur par excellence, crafting films of immense beauty and poetry - films about love, loyalty and life. There is a remarkable consistency of style and theme to his work, yet the director somehow managed to keep a freshness and youthful vigour in his art throughout his long and prolific career.
While few of Rohmer’s films have been great commercial successes, his unique brand of cinema has found a loyal following and many of his films have garnered critical acclaim in his native France as well as abroad. These films are invariably about close human relationships, most often between young people experiencing the first traumas of romantic love, and they generally involve a moral dilemma of some kind. Thanks in part to the use of non-professional and inexperienced actors together with improvised dialogue, Rohmer’s films have a natural spontaneity and beguiling innocence that make them enthralling, authentic explorations of the human psyche.

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