How to get your amazing invention on store shelves:an A-Z guidebook for the undiscovered inventor


作者:by Michael Cavallaro


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

ISBN:978-1-60138-732-5 ; 1-60138-732-6

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Ideas are everywhere. People are constantly thinking up better ways to do things and make peoples lives easier. Every year, more than 1.6 million new patents are filed worldwide and millions of new ideas sit on the desktops of basement inventors waiting to be turned into the ultimate money making, life altering product that they have dreamed of creating since childhood. Turning those ideas into marketable products though can be an incredibly lengthy, complex process, especially for the independent inventor with limited resources. In this age of the self-made celebrity, expert, and business owner, there is no reason why you cannot market your inventions as well and create a demand for your amazing new idea.

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