Discover Taipei [No. 105]:Good morning, Taipei!


作者:Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government


出版社:Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government


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Good morning- Taipei!
A good year starts in the spring, a good day starts in the morning.” This old aphorism is the inspiration for this issue’s “Good Morning, Taipei” theme, with articles describing the beauties of the dawn hours, introducing the early morning exercise routines of Taipei residents, taking you into traditional morning markets – and deeper into the world of the Taipei folk you’ll be meeting during your time here.
In our Taipei Metamorphosis section we tell you about what’s new, including the most recent winners of the Taipei Urban Landscape Awards, the Black Forest secret garden in Zhuzihu up on Yangmingshan, the renovated Nanmon-cho 323 in Taipei Botanical Garden, and the whimsical Moon Bus large-scale installation art in Xinyi District. These novel attractions fill any exploration of the city with endless pleasant discoveries, and with the newly opened Taipei Metro Songshan Line and Fun Travel in Taipei App, a tour of Taipei is now ultra-convenient.
This issue covers the Chinese New Year period, and in our In-Depth City Culture Explorations section we present the traditional folk art of lion dancing, and the craftsmanship involved in painting the lion’s head. In our Exploring Taipei Tastes & Gifts editon we answer the common questions of what to eat and what gifts to buy for Chinese New Year, taking you to restaurants serving classic military dependents’ village fare and providing suggestions on nifty New Year-themed gifts for family and friends. If interested in learning all about how Taipei folk go about buying all their traditional New Year necessities, spend time in our Taipei Slow Living section, taking a day-tour of the Taipei Main Station Rear Area, where you can load up on all sorts of new gadgets and curios. With a nod to the 2015 Taipei International Book Exhibition, we bring you through the doors of finest of many special independent bookstores scattered around the city, where book-loving travelers immerse themselves in Taipei’s heady book-reading culture.
Taipei has been selected as the 2016 World Design Capital. In the lead-up to the event, what changes has the city seen? Visit our Taipei Designing department, where we’ll tell you how transformer boxes, walls, and bridge piers are being used as street-art canvases. In What’s New in Taipei Arts we introduce the Taipei Arts Awards, Taipei in Films exhibition, Angling for Years of Plenty: A Special Exhibition of Paintings with Fish at the National Palace Museum, and other happenings that shine a spotlight on this city’s imagination and aesthetic allure.
A friendly “Good morning” conveys Taipei residents’ kindheartedness. “Congratulations, get rich!” conveys their New Year warmth and joyous spirit. Enjoy Taipei’s vitality and festive flavor this January and February!


Discover Taipei
Taipei City Government is pushing Taipei forward into the 21st century. Since September 1997, the Department of Information and Tourism has published an English bimonthly magazine—'Discover Taipei.' The magazine's goal is to furnish foreign residents and visitors worldwide with complete information about Taipei City. 'Discover Taipei's contents highlight Taipei's history, culture, customs, artistic events, daily goings-on, as well as her relationships with other cities.
台北市政府向前推台北進入二十一世紀。自1997年9月,新聞部和旅遊出版英文(日文)雙月刊,該雜誌的目標是提供外國居民和遊客提供有關台北市的完整信息世界各地。 “發現台北”硫含量台北突出的歷史,文化,風俗,藝術活動,每天的事情上,以及與其他城市的關係。

  • In-Depth City Culture Explorations The Ancient Art of the Lion Dance(第24頁)