Workplace English listening and speaking [有聲書]. Book 3, CEFR:B1


作者:[by] Ryan Campbell, Joe Henley, Guy Redmer


出版社:AMC Publishing Company

ISBN:978-986-5965-23-5 ; 986-5965-23-2

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In today’s global work place, English has become the language of international business.
This means that more than ever, effective English communication is the most effective tool a person can have to stay competitive. The Workplace English Listening and Speaking series is specifically aimed to develop and hone listening and speaking skills.

  • 1 Traffic Troubles(第8頁)
  • 2 Finding the Way(第20頁)
  • 3 The Art of Advertising(第32頁)
  • Review Test 1(第44頁)
  • 4 Customer Satisfaction(第48頁)
  • 5 Promising Production(第60頁)
  • 6 Marketing and Sales(第72頁)
  • Review Test 2(第84頁)
  • 7 Giving and Taking(第88頁)
  • 8 Holidays Can Change Your Life(第100頁)
  • 9 Making a Purchase(第112頁)
  • Review Test 3(第124頁)
  • 10 Setting up a Business(第128頁)
  • 11 Health and Safety in the Workplace(第140頁)
  • 12 Office Parties(第152頁)
  • Review Test 4(第164頁)
  • Appendix(第169頁)