Your Illinois wills, trusts, & estates explained simply:important information you need to know for California residents


作者:by Linda C. Ashar


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

ISBN:978-1-60138-808-7 ; 1-60138-808-X

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Few people want to think about what would happen to their families if they become disabled or die; however, planning for these occurrences in advance will reduce potential stress on your family later in life. The right plan can protect the value of your estate and spare your loved ones unnecessary hassles and legal conflicts.This book will take the guesswork out of planning your estate and help you finally understand the complex processes. Your Illinois Wills, Trusts, & Estates Explained Simply will help you glide through this complicated process.

  • cover(第1頁)
  • Title(第2頁)
  • Copyright(第3頁)
  • humane(第4頁)
  • Introduction: Estate Planning: What is It?(第7頁)
  • CHAPTER 1: Getting Started(第8頁)
  • CHAPTER 2: Estate Planning Basics(第9頁)
  • CHAPTER 3: Components of an Effective Estate Plan(第10頁)
  • CHAPTER 4: Taxes(第11頁)
  • CHAPTER 5: Wills(第12頁)
  • CHAPTER 6: Trusts(第13頁)
  • CHAPTER 7: Insurance(第14頁)
  • CHAPTER 8: Retirement Accounts(第15頁)
  • CHAPTER 9: Setting Priorities(第16頁)
  • CHAPTER 10: Choosing Who, What, How, When, and Why(第17頁)
  • CHAPTER 11: Planning Your Estate: Last Will and Testament in Illinois(第18頁)
  • CHAPTER 12: Keeping it Current(第19頁)
  • Conclusion(第20頁)
  • Appendix A: Estate-Planning Worksheet Samples(第21頁)
  • Appendix B: Glossary of Terms(第22頁)
  • Bibliography(第23頁)
  • Author Biography(第24頁)