AMC Listening series [有聲書]. 3


作者:by Ryan Campbell, Guy Redmer, Tanya Lin


出版社:AMC Publishing Company

ISBN:978-986-5965-22-8 ; 986-5965-22-4

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AMC Listening Series is a six-level series particularly designed for EFL young learners. It provides comprehensible aural input and enables second language learners to interact in real-life communication. It also includes activities that contribute to the comprehension and recall of listening input. Each level has been designed for learners of a different proficiency. There are 12 units in each book; 5 pages for each unit. Each unit will require 2 hours to complete, including a listening practice test. In addition, there is a review test after every fourth unit.

AMC Listening Series offers:
• Practical, real-world conversations to sharpen young learners’ speaking skills
• A comprehensive range of topics including greetings, family members, describing people, colors and clothing items, food and drinks, positions, daily routines, and so on
• Interesting and informative facts related to the topic in every unit – expanding young learners’ knowledge base
• A wide variety of activities to practice listening and speaking skills
• Colorful illustrations and real-world photos to aid listening comprehension
• A supplementary test item bank allowing teachers to customize tests

  • Unit 1 What Are You Doing Now?(第11頁)
  • Unit 2 My Wardrobe(第17頁)
  • Unit 3 Outdoor Activities(第23頁)
  • Unit 4 I Want to Be A…(第29頁)
  • Review Test I(第35頁)
  • Unit 5 My Brother and I(第37頁)
  • Unit 6 Mark Is the Tallest Boy in My Class(第43頁)
  • Unit 7 Let’s Make a Pie(第49頁)
  • Unit 8 How Does It Taste?(第55頁)
  • Review Test 2(第61頁)
  • Unit 9 Making a Weekend Plan(第63頁)
  • Unit 10 A School Sale(第69頁)
  • Unit 11 A School Field Trip(第75頁)
  • Unit 12 An Essay on a School Field Trip(第81頁)
  • Review Test 3(第87頁)
  • Appendix(第89頁)
  • Answer Key & CD Transcript(第91頁)