Grammar & Reading Basic [有聲書]. (1)


作者:Tanya Lin, Whitney Zahar作


出版社:AMC Publishing Company

ISBN:978-986-5965-69-3 ; 986-5965-69-0

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Grammar and Reading Basic Series is designed for high beginners who have learned English about three years. It introduces basic grammar rules explicitly as well as provides examples and various activities that contribute directly to the reading comprehension.


• Specific grammar topics are organized into 24 units;
12 units in Book 1 and 12 units in Book 2.
• Reading passages in each unit introduce the target grammar points as well as the vocabulary words.
• Grammar practice activities are designed not only to practice the structures but also to provide authentic context using vocabulary from everyday life.
• Four GEPT Basic style review tests are provided to review the grammar points and assess the learners.
• Extra Grammar Practice workbook provides additional grammar exercises to check if the learners understand and know how to use the target grammar points correctly.

  • Review Test 1(第36頁)
  • Review Test 2(第61頁)
  • Review Test 3(第87頁)
  • Review Test 4(第113頁)
  • Appendix(第115頁)
  • Translations (and CD tracks)(第122頁)