Using ICT in the early years:parents and practitioners in partnership


作者:by Alex Morgan and John Siraj-Blatchford


出版社:Practical Pre-School Books [Andrews UK Limited]

ISBN:978-1-907241-86-4 ; 1-907241-86-8

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A step-by-step guide on how to teach young children a variety of ICT in a meaningful and creative way. This title, written by ICT experts in the early years, Prof. John Siraj-Blatchford and Dr. Alex Morgan, is a step-by-step guide on how to teach children under 8 a variety of ICT.This book is designed to be easy to follow by even the most technophobic of readers and contains practical advice on the following:* How to create engaging and creative activities for children in the early years using a range of ICT* A guide to the different types of ICT available, from Bee-Bots to white boards* How to take ICT out of the classroom, with activities to use in outdoor play sessions* How to use ICT in role play to promote children's creativity and imagination* What ICT skills the EYFS and Welsh Foundation Phase require early years practitioners to deliver* Ideas and case studies on best practice in using sustained shared thinking with young childrenThis is a must-buy for anyone wanting meaningful and child-friendly ways of approaching ICT with children under 8.

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