The nightclub


作者:by N.T Morley


出版社:Andrews UK Limited

ISBN:978-1-907753-36-7 ; 1-907753-36-2

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When Jordan is expelled from school for peeping in the boys` locker room, she has no choice but to head to the big city in search of employment. She soon finds it in a back alley club where men pay for the pleasure of spanking and deflowering young, beautiful women like her.Her sexual need blossoms as she experiences new torments with every customer she services. But still she remains un-plucked, her chastity forcibly preserved by her employer so she can remain the perfect virgin slave.Then Jordan discovers that the spanking club is actually a front for South American criminals. Blackmailed by the police into spying on her employers, she is forced to seduce the violent thugs and submit to their every perverted whim.But when Jordan is, once again, discovered peeping where she oughtn`t, she is bound, crated, and shipped off to a criminal stronghold in South America - there to discover new depths of shame and terror. Will she surrender to life on her knees as the sex slave of dangerous criminals, or risk a daring midnight escape in an attempt to thwart her own desperate yearning for submission?

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