CSEPT Breakthrough [有聲書]. Leve1 A


作者:Tiana Vazquez, Tanya Lin著


出版社:AMC Publishing Company

ISBN:978-986-93342-7-3 ; 986-93342-7-X

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CSEPT Breakthrough is designed to help local college students master everyday life English and achieve CSEPT Level 1 scores of 130 and up.

This book covers a well-defined and comprehensive scope of subjects which all college students will encounter and should be prepared for in their daily lives. In addition,students will benefit greatly from the spe-cially-designed, test-oriented listening and reading activities, which aim to improve both their competence and confidence in these areas.

We start with a unit on adjusting to new college life. From there we move on to topics such as how to build healthy relationships, learn about foreign cultures by attending events like international potlucks, how so-cial media might affect our emotional well being, as well as tips on using public transportation to get around Taipei. This book also introduces ev-erything we need to know while on a working holiday in Australia, from applying for a working holiday visa to working and living in a different culture. Furthermore, we introduce expressions which college students can use in various social situations as well as pronunciation tips to im-prove their oral fluency.

Each unit in CSEPT Breakthrough requires six hours to complete and there are six units in Book A, and another six units in Book B. Each book can be used independently of each other. Each book is further sup-ported by an interactive online program. All aspects including conversa-tions, short talks, reading passages, and activities are accessible online.

Let CSEPT Breakthrough help you improve your listening and reading skills in real world settings and raise your CSEPT Level 1 score.

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