Who Killed The Girls?


作者:Alan Watchman (Jane Bell)[原作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

ISBN:9781612046181 ; 1612046185

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Who Killed the Girls? is based on a true story. In April 1967, the murders of two young women in the back room of an ice cream store shocked the quiet rural town of Staunton, Virginia. No one witnessed the crime, heard the shots, or saw anyone leave the premises.

Baffled by a lack of evidence, police arrested William Thomas, who was making a phone call from a booth in a nearby car park. After his acquittal, the case became cold and went unsolved. Forty-one years later, a tip from a private investigator leads police to re-open the case. A relative of one of the dead girls tracks down a suspect, Diane Smith, a co-worker in the store.

Diane, a confused and tormented soul who had been sexually abused as a teenager, was gravely ill by 2008. Supported by her family and lesbian lover, Diane tells about her troubled life and the fluidity in her relationships, but persistent police interviews fail to uncover the murderer. However, the perplexing case explodes sensationally when forgotten details surface and reveal what happened in the store on the night of the murders and who really killed the girls.

Originally from South Australia, Jane Bell is a geologist who works throughout the world. “Details provided by the media were so engrossing and captivating that I thought someone should write a book or screenplay.” Bell has several other books in the works.

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