Science fiction tales


作者:Chong Wei Wei[作]


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd.

ISBN:978-981-08-1891-3 ; 981-08-1891-2

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Who is the king of jungle? The tiger or the fox?Why do all the animals run away when they see the fox?

The caterpillars in a basket suddenly disappear! My friends, do you know what will happen at the end? A crab tries to imitate its friends on the manner to get food but failed. What is wrong?

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  • Who Is The King?(第5頁)
  • Billy Goat's Dilemma(第10頁)
  • Where Have All The Caterpillars Gone?(第14頁)
  • Zebra CrossesThe River(第22頁)
  • The Best WayTo Get Food(第26頁)
  • Who says I’ve No Bones?(第34頁)
  • The Greedy Wolf(第38頁)
  • Spirit of Co-operation(第46頁)
  • Glossary(第50頁)