Self-organization and pattern-formation in neuronal systems under conditions of variable gravity:Life sciences under space conditions


作者:Meike Wiedemann et al


出版社:Higher Education Press Springer

ISBN:7040294745 ; 9787040294743

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'Self-organization and Pattern-formation in Neuronal Systems Under Conditions of Variable Gravity: Life Sciences Under Space Conditions describes the interaction of gravity with neuronal systems. To deliver the basic scientific and technological background, the structures of neuronal systems are described and platforms for gravity research are presented. The book is rounded off by information about the interaction of chemical model systems with gravity and some simulations, and results about the interaction of gravity with neuronal systems from single molecules to the entire human brain are demonstrated. This is the first book to give a complete overview about neurophysiological research under conditions of variable gravity. The book is intended for scientists in the field of space research, neurophysiology, and those who are interested in the control of non-linear systems by small external forces. Dr. Meike Wiedemann and Dr. Florian P.M. Kohn are Biological Scientists in the lab of Membranephysiology at the University of Hohenheim, Germany and have been working in the field of life sciences under space condition for some years. Prof. Harald Rosner has been working in the field of Neurophysiology and is now retired. Prof. Wolfgang R.L. Hanke is the leader of the Department of Membranephysiology at the University of Hohenheim.
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