Famous Chinese sayings quoted by Wen Jiabao


作者:authored by Wang Chunyong;translated by Chan Sin-wai


出版社:Chung Hwa Book Co.

ISBN:978-962-8931-65-1 ; 962-8931-65-2

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This book has 124 lines of Chinese sayings quoted by Premier Wen in various interviews, speeches and conferences. The source, authors, meaning, and background of the quotations are given in detail. The contexts in which Premier Wen quoted these lines are also comprehensively analyzed. The book gives an insight into his views and thoughts on China’s reform and the welfare of the people. Through these quotations, readers will get to know Premier Wen, his personality and his perspectives. Readers will also grasp the wisdom of the sages through Premier Wen’s exposition of his quotations.

Wang Chun young

  • Preface Zhai Defang: A premier who looks up at the starry sky(第5頁)
  • References(第347頁)