Games of obedience


作者:by Frances Allan


出版社:Andrews UK Limited

ISBN:978-1-907976-39-1 ; 1-907976-39-6

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‘What’s the time?’ asked Kate anxiously, as she sat in front of the dressing table mirror applying her make-up.

‘Don’t worry,’ said her friend Lizzie. ‘It’s not ten yet and you don’t have to be there until ten-forty-five.’

Kate let out a sigh of relief. James was a stickler for punctuality at all times. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what might happen if she were late for their wedding day. Finally, deciding that there was nothing else she could do with her face, she stood up and Victoria, who together with Lizzie would provide the only friendly faces at the brief ceremony, held out the dress. It was exquisite, an ivory-coloured Edwardian dress made from silk and trimmed with lace. The top skirt was gathered at the back and finished with a bow forming a stylish bustle. Once it was on, Kate glanced in the mirror. As usual she wasn’t satisfied with what she saw. ‘Is it simple enough?’ she asked her friends.

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